3236023303_a1a4ceeec3_z TAKE A NON-WRITING DAY because you have enough word count to stay on track and you still have a life. BUT it must be planned! It’s easier to get ahead than catch up. Trust me on this! Remember… NOVEMBER IS THE WORST MONTH TO DO A NOVEL – GET OVER IT, because the best month doesn’t exist. Life is going to happen: you or a family member gets sick, things break around the house. Something unexpected is always going to happen, so embrace the process and remember this isn’t forever – it’s for one month. Thirty days to make your dream come true. If writing is a priority you will write! NO MORE EXCUSES. You’ve always said you wanted to write a novel – NOW IS THE TIME! You’ll never have more people pulling for you and understanding your plight as you wade through the mixed emotions of writing.