In the midst of your passion, these writing tips apply to life. – Debbie Hall.

indexIn our writing we regularly face our Internal Editor, that voice telling us, “My writing has no value; no one cares about my writing; this writing is so stupid.” We allow this voice to become the barometer of our value. We question, and then believe it. And we stop writing.

Replace the word “writing” with “passion,” or the activity that brings you joy. Now, it applies to you! Everyone has an Internal Editor judging them and thy name is “Self Talk.” What we say to ourselves about ourselves over time we believe. We stop doing what we love because we’re listening to fear and doubt.

Negative Self Talk stops us from trying. False Self Talk builds a front for us to hide behind. Positive Self Talk is the encouragement we can succeed, and if we fail, we will try again. That is the Internal Editor/Self Talk we must listen to in all phases of life.

There will be times when we want to quit. That is the time to discern the type of our Self Talk – negative or false – and the why. And you dig down on that why until you get to the truth of your feelings. Then you can make a decision based on that truth. Truth is unchanging. It is indisputable.

In facing that truth, no matter how hard, only then can we free ourselves from false beliefs, fears and doubts. Only by facing the truth can we change the behavior that allows us to succeed. Whether it’s letting go of a passion, finding a different passion, or pursuing the one we love, Self Talk is a constant companion and we are in control of those words.

“I am worthy to pursue my passion. I have the ability and plans to continue my passion. My passion brings me joy. My passion has value.”

This is the Self Talk worth hearing. This is the Self Talk to develop in all phases of our lives.