Community. November 1st I began a journey with 300,000 others from around the world to write 50 thousand words in thirty days. And what I found was we wanted one thing…not to do it alone. We wanted fellow travelers who could relate to our troubles and triumphs…and we found it. The encouragement and camaraderie was unfailing. image004Everyone deserves to have that type of support as we fumble through this life, especially our children. Children don’t need judgement when they’re struggling. They want to know they can succeed, they are worthy, that they are not different or weird, but special and unique. They need to know others can relate to their experiences.

WebThat is what the Can-Do Kids series is about…affirming and empowering our children, the ones who hold our future. Each child is a precious gift, regardless of their abilities or attitudes. Sometimes we have to dig deep to find that golden nugget that is their inner core, their true being. But make no mistake…it is there and it is worth the difficult road to reveal its value. The Can-Do Kids Series empowers the child to self regulate by providing sound proven methods to know how to protect themselves. To know they’re not alone on this path in life.