does-this-look-like-your-little-darlings-roomIf only I’d had the House Fairy when my children were young! I discovered Pam Young and her sister, Peggy Jones, years ago when they were The Slob Sisters. Oh, they were so funny and relatable, and such common sense. They created a card file system to help you stay organized. Pam went on to create S.H.E. (Sidetracked Home Executives)  for organizing the home, using her same brand of wit and wisdom. I’ve been to one of her seminars and we all had such fun. She was joined by Marla Cilley,  The FlyladyThese two ladies bring fun into cleaning and organization.

Pam then turned her wisdom to helping children keeping their rooms clean by creating The House Fairy. I’ll tell you it was a constant struggle with my daughters until they left home, and even through college! But the good news is now that they’re both married, they like to keep things neat and clean, well, for the most part! They had what I call a “vertical closet” because all the clothes were on the floor! Ugh! If only the House Fairy had been around, it would have saved me from yelling and fighting with the girls to “CLEAN YOUR ROOM!”

Now, with The House Fairy you can painlessly train your precious little ones to pick up after themselves. “She” is the one instructing the kiddos. What a relief!

Please check out Pam and Marla. They are two gifted and talented women who have a wide variety of tools to help you with not only your home, but your finances as well.

Kayla JW Marnach is the author of the Can-Do Kids Series.