You’ve heard the saying, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry,” by Robert Burns in his poem “To A Mouse.” I’ve read the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, but I never really put two and two together until now. Burns wrote his poem in 1785, Steinbeck his book in 1937, and today in 2017 it still holds true! You can plan all you want, but not everything is going to go the way you thought or wanted. That’s when we’ve got to have some flexibility.

When our daughters were young I did my best to keep everything in order, but invariably something would happen that would throw a wrench in the routine…couldn’t find the homework, uniform, or keys to the car, a stomach virus would suddenly hit so I couldn’t go into work, or I’d forgotten to get an important ingredient for what I was making for supper. My husband traveled so it fell to me to keep the household running. Often I felt like running out on the household. But I would come to my senses, create a “unique” meal for supper, go on a scavenger hunt for all missing things, and know that tomorrow I’d be able to count my blessings.

I flung control and perfectionism way out the window, hunted it down and stomped it to death (okay, okay it will rear its ugly head from time to time, but I brutally beat it back down). Besides, if you don’t know it already, both are a myth. There is no such thing as control, and there was only one perfect person. What I realized I do have are choices. Say it with me, “I always have a choice in every situation.” Now, I may not like the choices, but I can still choose how I handle my reaction. I do have that power. And knowing that is life changing.

So, the next time my plans go awry, I’m just going to throw the schedule out the window, put on my cape of choice and fly in uncharted territory enjoying the view! What about you?