I bet you have you found yourself not wanting to do something because you know the consequences. I know I have. I won’t get my scrapbook project out because I know the hassle it will be to put it all back. I won’t cook a certain dish because of the time it takes to make and then there’s the cleanup. It’s easier to just sit and watch TV, Netflix, surf the internet, Facebook, or a myriad of other sedentary, mindless activities.

Yet, what I realized was when I did those activities I have no “good memories” of them. None of them bring a smile to my face, or create a bond with another. I was mindlessly going from one post to another, one picture to the next person’s status. Okay, let me be upfront – liking and commenting on a Facebook or Instagram post is not bonding. You can share a status and of course encourage others, but in my opinion, and I’m totally open to discussing it, to create a true bond you have to have one on one, voice to voice, preferably face to face, eye to eye contact. I’ve been able to “reconnect” with people from my past, and it’s great. I love seeing how they’re doing, but that is not creating fresh memories with them. That’s not experiencing new adventures, enriching my life. It’s fine for what it is, but it should never be a replacement for actually living your life.

I met a dear friend of my through a writing group, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). We were each other’s cheerleaders throughout the month, and then we became Facebook friends. Because she was so encouraging, I then reached out to her personally, calling her because I had become so upset over a writing situation. We then began having weekly writing “create” phone conversations, which eventually led to me flying to meet her in her home state. What I have are the memories of time together in her home, and that are treasured memories. I can’t recall any of her specific posts from the prior three years of our “FB friendship,” but oh the time we were together was heaven on earth!

My point is, I’ve got to remember to create memories, to be childlike in my pursuit of wonders that dwell in a rain puddle. There’s nothing wrong with electronics. They have their place in life. For me, I’m heading outside to look at the stars, feel the cool breeze, and listen to the night sounds. That’ll create an experience I’ll remember. What about you? Are there adventures in your backyard just waiting to be experienced?