I often like to be the wallflower. Sit back. Observe. Smile. Nod. I remember going to a writer’s conference, for which I paid big bucks to mix and mingle and get in front of people who could look at my work and maybe, just maybe consider publishing my writings. The thing is you had to go up to them, engage in small talk, wait for them to ask the sixty-four thousand dollar question, “So, what do you write?”

I didn’t do very well. I didn’t talk to one agent, editor, or author. A friend of mine was there and he was talking it up with every professional possible, making the rounds like a pro. I watched. On a different day, I probably would have been right there with him. But not that day.

We all have our moods when we’re social and when we’re not. The important thing is it’s your choice. You can be you regardless of who is around. At one point in my life I couldn’t. Fear of being judged, and ridiculed kept me from expressing myself. I allowed others to dictate how I acted. Now, I’m not talking about being inappropriate, rude, callous, confrontational, or making others uncomfortable. I’m talking about just being you, at ease with who you are.  If you do make others uneasy, then that’s a whole other subject.

For today, be who you are. Let loose that wonderful personality of yours. Don’t let fear of judgement keep you squelched. What are you going to do today to let real you shine?