All month I’ve shared about the things in our life. It’s been my heart-felt Valentine to you. As it draws to a close, I’d like you to stop and think about where you are in your life. In what stage and phase of life are you living? If it’s a difficult phase, know it won’t last forever. If it’s a wonderful, over-the-moon awesome time, sorry, it won’t last forever. But that’s the great thing about the phases in our life. The steps in this phase lead to another, which moves us through this stage in life.

I’ve thought a lot about this lately, because I’m beginning a new phase in my stage of life.

There are three stages in life: childhood, adulthood, and old age. As I am closer to the end of the adulthood stage than the beginning, I am still in no way ready to say I’ve reached old age! Yikes! ! I’m not ready for that final “stage” yet.

The root word for “stage” is “to stand.” It is something that is “reached,” like a “flood stage.” There is a beginning and an end, but the length between stages are not equal. Thank goodness childhood doesn’t last until you’re in your thirties. Oh, wait…maybe for some it does, but that’s a different discussion!

Within each stage in life there are “phases.” And this is where I find myself, figuring out my next “phase.” The root meaning of “phase” is to show, like the phases of the moon. A phase is a group of steps or tasks within that stage. Within the childhood stage there’s infancy, toddler, school age, adolescents/teenagers (hallelujah when that one comes to an end!).  Within adulthood there is reassessment, young adulthood, midlife transition (or crisis, thank goodness I’m beyond that one!), and re-stabilization. The age range for entering the old age stage has changed due to better health care, and people being proactive in taking care of themselves. So, adulthood can go up to age eighty-five.  Old age it is about health, safety, and frailty.

I’ve decided I’m in the cocoon step, of my re-stabilization phase, in my adulthood stage. I’m preparing and developing, learning and growing into my next career. What’s awesome is my twenty-six year old daughter is going through a similar phase. She’s establishing her career just as I am launching into a new career for myself. It is so incredible talking strategy with her, sharing insights (especially in the technology/social media end of things), and experiences. We have much to learn from one another.

So, as you look at your life, where are you? Which phase are you entering or completing? I’m not ready to fly, but I can tell you I’ll be “hatching” any day now! Ready to see a whole new world with me?