Marching Forward!

I’ve got a choice…whether to stay where I am, or to move forward. If I choose to move forward, that doesn’t mean getting rid of anything or leaving what’s behind me…I’m just moving forward. I’m not letting anything hold me back. I’m moving on up (…to the East Side – does anyone remember the Jefferson’s?  Okay…another blog for another time).

It’s important to remember life is a journey, and I’m on the path. Time is going to pass and I have a choice as to how I’m going to use it. There are many side adventures, and roads less traveled, but the point I must remember is…I’m moving forward.

What about you? Are there roads you need to travel, paths you want to excavate, discovering things about yourself you dared not uncover? Let’s March Forward this month, learning and growing, uncovering and revealing those things we thought were forever gone, or never knew existed.

Today is a new day. Let’s do this together! Let’s March forward toward the future we want.

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