You know the old saying, “Fake it ’til you make it?” Well, that’s what I’ve started doing…in babyScreen Shot 2017-03-28 at 3.06.34 PM steps. I’ve started acting like the person I want to “become.”

My self-talk has seldom been positive. Instead, I beat myself up about failing to do this, or not doing that. Rarely do I say, “Good job, girlfriend!” I’m always quick to praise others, but praising myself…yeah, not so much.

But that is changing. I’ve decided if I want to BE healthy, active, and organized, then I must ACT like a healthy (mind, body, and spirit…more on that in a later post), active, and organized person. I ask myself, “Is this what a healthy person would eat?” It’s amazing how that one little mind shift has made me more aware of my food choices.

Darren Hardy says, “Throw away your ‘to do’ list, and schedule the tasks you want done.” It’s
amazing how things are accomplished when you assign a specific time to complete them! This year I want to achieve one of my longtime physical goals, so I’ve begun asking myself, “Would an active person just sit and veg endlessly scrolling through social media?” I know that the answer is no. An active person would prioritize physical activity, and only be inside online for a specific length of time.

To begin working toward my goal, I registered for the April 23 Austin Capital 10K. This has been on my bucket list since 1981! Only once have I gone six miles, and that was on a trek up the highest peak in Minnesota. It was GRUELING to say the least, and I was totally unprepared. At the Capital 10K I will be joined by my daughters and husband, so I want to fully experience it without completely suffering every step of the way. Both girls have run half-marathons (NOT on my bucket list), so this will be easy for them. But I’ve got to train, so I’ve started walking two miles a day. My first walks were 19+ minute miles (uh, yeah…not good). I’ve gotten it down to 18+ minutes now, and plan to get better. I have to ACT like who I want to BE. I have to DO the work to BECOME a better me.

What’s on your bucket list? Do you have “goals” that aren’t scheduled? How do you need to “act” to be who you want to “become?” I want to be healthy, active, and organized. That’s how I’ll “act” today. I’m headed out for my walk. What about you?

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