You don’t have to do everything all the time. When we don’t allow ourselves down time, there is sure to be frustration, exhaustion, and burnout. Mentally we can’t keep going. If Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 5.42.37 PMyou don’t take a break, you will break. Saving your sanity has to be a priority. Take a blanket and go outside so you can sit in the sunshine, shade, or moonlight for five minutes. Just FIVE. Don’t bring your phone with you, but set a timer of some sort. (You can get a one from the dollar store if you don’t have one). The main point is to have no distractions. Take a few deep breaths, and as you exhale, let your shoulders drop. Watch the clouds float by, feel the breeze against your skin, or look at the stars. Relax! Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, get your family to join you. Be the example you want them to follow. You’ll be creating memories your family will remember for a lifetime.

Kayla Marnach is the author of the Can Do Kids Series. Her newest book, I Can Do That! helps children learn self-regulating techniques. Told through rhyme from a child’s point of view, strategies are shared empowering the child to effectively learn and practice ways they can control their emotions and actions when they feel themselves becoming dysregulated. Order your copy today!

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