Are you like me? I talk about things I want to do or to have, but I just don’t take the time to pursue them—lean body, less stress, more money.  It’s the same song over and over, “If only I could…,” “If only there was more…,” “I just wish I had…” I found myself listing a litany of things in my head that I desired, which turned into dissatisfaction, coloring everything else with frustration and anger at not getting what I perceived I wanted.Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 3.31.33 PM

Chantel Hobbs was the first I heard say, “Stop talking about ‘it’,” whether it’s eating healthier, losing weight, cleaning house, earning money, being efficient with time, patience with family members, or controlling your temper. Do not bring ‘it’ up again. Don’t talk about ‘it’ or tell anyone you’re going to do ‘it’. Just start doing ‘it’.

So I asked myself, what’s stopping me? Is it lack of desire, fear, time, opportunity, or money? I took the steps below and it truly made a difference.

STOP: List what you’ve been saying you want or desire to have.

EVALUATE: With a clear picture of your wants and desires, decide what priority they are to you in your life

PLAN: Give each task a reasonable goal completion date. Break big long-term goals down to daily/weekly/monthly goal dates. Without a scheduled date, these will remain dreams instead of a goals. Start with what you will do today.

IMPLEMENT: Take everything in moderation! Baby steps! Trying to do too much too fast is a sure way to sabotage any plan of action. Take one action to get to your goal (just one) until it’s a part of your routine or a goal has been set, then go to the next.

SAY NOTHING: You’ve talked about this for so long, let your actions speak louder than your words. This time let it be a secret you’ll share once the goal is reached, or people notice something is different about you! If you need it, have one person as your confidant and cheerleader. It’s often hard to self-motivate and that partner can spur you on. There’s the thought you should announce it to the world so you’ll be held accountable, but if you’ve made that announcement time and again, and never succeeded, maybe now it’s time to do something different.

Oh, believe me, it has not been an easy road, and I still fall short far too many times, but the thing is, I keep getting up. I keep moving forward. I don’t let my past failures define my future. I know I will succeed. To believe otherwise is not an option.

So, what about you? Are there things you’ve let go of because you realized they’re just not that important? Have you recognized what your deepest desires are, and are you ready to purse them? Let’s do it together!


Kayla Marnach is the author of the Can Do Kids Series. Her newest book, I Can Do That! helps children learn self-regulating techniques. Told through rhyme from a child’s point of view, strategies are shared empowering the child to effectively learn and practice ways they can control their emotions and actions when they feel themselves becoming dysregulated. Order your copy today!