Being prepared is essential to ward off meltdowns and tantrums. Often dysregulation occurs when we’re out with our kiddos because of events beyond our control. We can lessen the severity and shorten that length of the time, by being prepared to help our children regain regulation of their emotions and actions. Keep a bag of the following in your purse, bag, or car at all times:

  1. Water – never leave home without it. Dehydration has a direct correlation to Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 3.53.31 PMemotional stability.
  2. Bubblegum – yes the big huge pieces, and let them have as many pieces as their little mouth can hold. Studies have been done that show this reduces stress.
  3. Snacks – Try high protein energy bars, fruit, or pretzels. Check out more ideas here.
  4. Fidgets – keep those little hands busy!
  5. Weighted animal or blanket – to provide comfort and security.

Having these items handy will help you tremendously. You’ll be relieved, and your child will thank you (although they may not say it)!