How do you treat yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally? Today start becoming your own best friend. Do for yourself what you want others to do for you.Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 4.16.18 PM.png

  1. Compliment yourself as you are performing a task. Self-talk is a powerful tool at your disposal every moment of the day.
  2. Pamper yourself even if it’s for just five minutes. Take the time to do something that makes your feel pampered—a manicure, resting with a cooled eye pack, sitting still and focusing on your breathing.
  3. Choose healthy foods and snacks. It takes time and preparation, but it’s so worth it to feel better physically and mentally.


Kayla Marnach is the author of the Can Do Kids Series. Her newest book, I Can Do That! helps children learn self-regulating techniques. Told through rhyme from a child’s point of view, strategies are shared empowering the child to effectively learn and practice ways they can control their emotions and actions when they feel themselves becoming dysregulated. Order your copy today!