When playing cards, seldom are we dealt a straight flush, four aces, or a full house. But we can still win the hand with the choices we make about what to keep and what to let go. Life is the same. When we’re dealt rough situations we still have to “deal” with it. And we can win. We’re holding all the power and the decisions are up to us, no one else. We don’t need to complain, whine, have a pity party, or blame others. We become informed of our choices, and then ACT. Doing nothing is a decision. And just like in cards, what we’re dealt is usually not what we want to keep. We want better options, so we exchange that “card” or situation, to improve our chances of winning at this game of life.

With our children, we have the same situation. We can’t change the child we’re “dealt,” but we can help them improve their choices as situations arise. And by our example they will see we are all winners regardless of the situation we find ourselves in, because we make wise choices to increase our odds of success. What “situational cards” have you been dealt that you want exchange for a “better hand”? It’s up to you whether you hold ’em, fold ’em, or run to a better deck.

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