WE ARE A WORK IN PROGRESS. And what a relief it is to know that, isn’t it? I mean, when I finally gave myself permission to let go of that perfectionistic attitude that I had to be all, do all, know all, there was a sigh of relief in my soul.

Each day holds so many opportunities and when I can appreciate the prospect of learning something new, whether it’s about myself, my child, my husband, or my friend (not having that thought, “Gee, why didn’t I know that already?”),  then I am open to grow and learn—progressing toward a better, wiser me.

So here are three points that help me progress and not stay in the “mess” of perfectionism:

  1. JUST BREATHE: Too often I find myself anxious and uptight when things aren’t going “my way.” When I stop, relax my shoulders and take a deep breath, my body automatically relaxes, and I’m better able to address the situation. Check out some additional explanations on the importance of deep breathing.
  2. LAUGHTER LIFTS THE SPIRITS: Frustration is poison to progressing. I sometimes got so serious, so wound up in completing a task that anything that threw me off would frustrate me. Learning to lighten up gave me a different perspective and I found patience I didn’t know I had. That in turn allowed me to continue and finally complete what needed to be done. By being able to “laugh it off,” whether it’s when your child accidently spills on a just cleaned floor, or you fail for the sixth time to remember your password, it really is a progression toward developing patience and perseverance. And that’s a good thing. Here are some other benefits of laughter. 
  3. FAILURE IS A FRIEND If I don’t push myself and fail, then I’m not living up to my potential. I’m settling for a safe and mediocre life. As C.S. Lewis said, “Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.” Over the years, many individuals have offered advice on the subject of failure.

My goal is to always be “a work in progress.” Currently I’m progressing toward growing patience with myself, additional social media skills (who knew I’d be a blogger?), and knowledge in how the brain works. And I know these goals will change as I progress.

What about you? What are you progressing toward?

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